IBF in a Nutshell

Stan Bezuidenhout is a Forensic Collision Homicide Reconstructionist with technical forensic experience at over 7,500 accident scenes locally and abroad. Jackie Smith has the same experience by numbers, but as the "softer one" she has interviewed tens of thousands of accident victims and witnesses for the past ten years. Together, they own a registered Close Corporation...

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Over the years, IBF Investigations has been committed to providing their services to anyone and everyone - even when they cannot afford it. In our efforts to make sure that every accident scene is investigated properly, we have been providing FREE at-scene investigation services to private individuals for many years.

When we come across or attend an accident (where we are NOT called by a specific client), we will not be expecting any payment for our attendance. When we 'simply arrive,' we expect no involved party to pay us for having been there - we choose to assist.

If we are called by a police or traffic officer and we are available to assist, we would typically not charge that department, division or service for our at-scene assistance.

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