At-scene and post-event

IBF Investigations provides both at-scene and post-event road traffic collision investigation services. We pride ourselves on our development of a specially formulated 124-point road traffic collision investigation protocol. Since we follow this protocol as far as possible, in every case we are appointed in, we are confident that the evidence we gather will remain superior and will be of benefit in those cases. While we specialise in the physical investigation of collisions (at-scene and post-event), we are reconstruction specialist at heart.


Analysis, Examination, Animation

Road Traffic Collision Reconstruction is essentially a discipline that involves the analysis of available facts and physical evidence, versions, records, reports and dynamics in an effort to determine what happened. Through the use of modern technologies, advanced investigation techniques and mathematics, we typically provide answers and explain how collisions occurred, without having been there. Our findings are typically based on science, fact and evidence – not outcome.


Civil, Criminal and High Court

Whether we attend a collision at-scene, investigat the collision post-event or receive evidence for the analysis and reconstruction of a collision event, we prepare for trial. In every case, every time. There is simply no way to “fake it until you make it,” in our industry. We prefer to follow the exact same processes and protocols and to use the exact same methods for every case, on the assumption that we would be called to testify in court, as expert. This has become our standard and our accolades speak volumes of our ability to perform in ths capacity.


Videographic Cognitive Interrogations

Truth Verification, Polygraphy or Lie Detection – call it what you will, but most of these “technologies” rely heavily on the live collection of digital or analogue data and an effort to determine what any galvanic or physiological response might mean. When a Videographic Cognitive Interrogation is done, the subject are forced to multi-tast to the point of failure. There can be no confusion about the reasons, cause or origin of deceptive indicators, the interview can last for minutes or hours and the determinations of deception can be made and tested during the interview and specifics explored further. Since this is not a “lie detection”technology but rather a cognitive exploitation technique, confessions and micro-fact determination is a daily occurence.


On-line and Classroom/Practical

When we first entered this industry in 1999 and started to officially work in it in 2000, we found the absence of education material overwelming. While there are several short courses (typically of two weeks) and distance learning courses, we believe that proper education in this discipline is still sorely lacking. For this reason, we have been training and presenting courses to literally thousands of candidates for more than 10 years. We have finally launcged a complete on-line course – as series


Fleet Fault Trends Charts

Technical Fleet Audits are something of an unknown in most South African Trucking cultures. You will find that most people in the Transport Sector would either never have heard of it r they would consider the so-called “COF” or “Certificate of Fitness” to be adequate. The fact is that a Technical Fleet Audit reached far beyond the scope of technical roadworhiness. When we conduct a Technical Fleet Audit, we offer a package that ensures long-term protection againsdt liability after major coillision or incidents. Our reports offer trends analysis charts that enable any group or depot manager to immediately identify weaknessesin a fleet – weaknesses that would otherwise go totally unnoticed.


Videographic Route Risk Assessments

A Route Risk Assessment is tyically a document that describes a route a transporter intends to use, the limitations and perhaps obstructions on the route and the possible dangers found there. When we supply Route Risk Assessment Services, we do so Videographicall. Our RRA’s are based on a complete video recording of the driven route, with visual references to the potential dangers associated with movements along it. Our Video Presentations aid memory as drivers can observed the route as a live video and see possible dangers and risks first-hand. This enables them to remember the dangers or routing tips visually and easily.