There are cases when we will not be in a position to attend at-scene.

While we prefer to be present at every single scene ourselves, and while we might prefer to always visit the scene and examine vehicles ourselves, there are a variety of situations that can result in us not being in a position to attend personally. In cases where we need to analyse and reconstruct collisions after-the-fact, we are simply limited to the information available – this is what post-event reconstruction is all about.

This is also what most of our competition specializes in; but we also offer a superior service in this respect.

From our experience in the heavy commercial transport industry, we have already learned that there might be as much as a week, a month or even a year or years between the actual occurrence of an “Accident” and clients realizing that they need to call on the services of a Reconstructionist. In these instances, we would typically start with a proper consultation.

We prefer to have a complete overview and understanding of the collision, the merits that govern the legal or criminal arguments that prevail, the direction of the legal strategy, the elements that will be argued during trial and the background of the parties involved in the litigation process.

By having “all the evidence” for our preparation, we are best equipped to develop a complete investigative and reconstructive strategy and we would be sure to align our efforts to the strategies employed by the client or its legal professionals.

Of course, we would not ever make ourselves available as “hired guns,” but we would rather investigate everything that can affect the matter, consider all the elements that will prevail in litigation, ignore everything we cannot prove and disregard all arguments based on emotion, interpretation, preference or bias.

As our track record clearly shows, we are always objective, detailed and professional in our efforts. In all the matters we have ever testified in, in all courts, even while facing off against the likes of professors and doctors appointed by the opposing litigants, we have never been proven wrong, never been forced to make a concession of error and never testified in a matter where our report, skills, expertise, expert status and conclusions were not accepted.

While this is something we are very proud of and a legacy we intend to keep in place for as many years as possible, we treat every case as a new matter, prepare as diligently in any one matter as we do in another and leave no stone un-turned.

Staying humble works.

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