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Stan Bezuidenhout from IBF Investigations explains that they provide Crash Investigation Services.

IBF Investigations is one of the few service providers in South Africa with extensive experience in at-scene road traffic collision investigation.

While our primary function and task remains post-event reconstruction, which is what all of our competition is doing – we offer the skill-sets required to ensure that the at-scene investigation process is followed properly.

After ten years in the industry, we are truly innovators in our field and we have developed the only at-scene protocol available anywhere in the world. While it is true that there are at-scene accident investigators in countries like the USA, Canada and the UK, as well as in South Africa, within police services and forces – they all work on a “you arrive and decide what you want to do” basis.

This typically results in the officer or investigator arriving, assessing the scene, deciding what happened, who is responsible or who must be prosecuted and what evidence should be collected. While this is the norm anywhere in the world, we do not follow the norms very well. We therefore used all of our at-scene experience, our objective model and our technological innovation to develop a 124-point at-scene investigation protocol.

Called “The IBF Protocol,” we have developed it to address all potential aspects or elements of relevance in every single collision. We apply the philosophy that – no matter what we may or might think the cause was or who the guilty party may be, as things stand at the scene – we would have no way of knowing what elements will be viewed as vital or relevant in a trial in three or five years’ time.

The IBF Protocol is therefore designed to enable us to collect “All the evidence,” at every single collision scene. Therefore, even if a collision happens in daylight hours, we would still consider light bulb usage, if a single vehicle is involved we would still consider possible third-party contribution and if a driver makes a confession, we would still consider the possibility that he or she is simply in shock and misinformed as to the true legal and physical implications of the matter.

We have thus perfected the at-scene collision investigation model and we have developed it in such a way as to accommodate the needs of any of a variety of possible service recipients, including the department of justice, the police service the road accident fund, the insurance industry, the accused parties in criminal matters and our commercial clients – all from one investigation, with one report, prepared for any type of trial.

We gather “all the evidence,” to accommodate everyone, every time.

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