IBF Investigations has been vetted and evaluated by a major international clients from the USA and found to be FCPA compliant.

Whenever a South African or other non- US Service Provider interacts with a US-based company with interests, services or assets in South Africa or any other non-US country, the US company and all its service providers need to be aware of- and need to comply with the Foreign Corrupt Practices ACT (the FCPA).

When IBF Investigations became a service provider to a US-registered international company with interests and assets in South Africa, we were subjected to a due diligence, legal compliance assessment, Good Accounting Principles Assessment, local taxation compliance adherence assessment and we had to provide references, receive training and submit to an interview, in order to ensure that we comply with the internal FCPA requirements.

IBF Passed successfully, of course, and we are now considered FCPA compliant and are therefore approved to interact with local government entities on behalf of the client, to represent it’s interests in on – go in g investigations and to show our commitment to the on-going efforts towards eliminating corrupt practices by foreign governments. This compliance effectively means that we have the awareness-, commitment-, contractual obligation- and integrity to interact with local (or other foreign) government departments and organs of state in a credible, legal and accountable manner – in compliance with the FCPA legislation.

​This means that we are able to provide services to other US-based companies with interests in Southern Africa with a full understanding of the implications of interaction with non-US government entities. We are therefore able not only to provide our primary services to those organizations, but also to give our commitment that our interests and motivation are aligned to the anti-corruption policies, procedures and principles of all our clients.

Our background in the Forensic Industry, our prior experience with National and Local Government entities within South Africa, our experience as both Government Contractors and Specialist Police Reservist Officers has placed us in the unique position to not only understand and internalize the FCPA requirements and practices, but also to contribute thereto with passion, commitment and drive.

As members of Justice Project South Africa, we are also committed to all activities that promote anti-corruption in all its forms.