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7 Deadly Sins that will get you arrested


The idea behind this book was to ensure that you are informed of the 7 deadly sins most road users are guilty of that can get them arrested!

Road Safety is a huge issue in most countries around the world and yours should be no different.

While this book can help you become more aware of your habits and allow you to change them early, you could very easily land yourself in hot water, even if’s not even fully your fault!

You might have opted to get this manual simply because you’ve been involved in an accident and you’re seriously wondering what the implication are or what you must do next?

Whatever the case, this FREE eBook will surely guide you towards being a better and safer driver.

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Accident Investigation is a manual that teaches you exactly how to investigate your own accident.

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With so much road carnage in South Africa it is ever more important for road users to make informed decisions! Doing so requires the correct decisions before they embark on their journey, safe driving techniques while driving and effective response to an emergency and a road crash. This very informative guide will not only help the victim of a road crash with the correct response and making the right decisions once in a road crash, but also offers great advice in crash avoidance and a post- crash response which are both fair and within the parameters of the law! We would like to extend a word of appreciation to Stan Bezuidenhout for releasing this to all road users and we urge them to keep a copy in their vehicles!

Adv. Johan Jonck – www.arrivealive.co.za

Nobody wants to be involved in a collision but sometimes things we don’t want to happen do happen. If they do indeed happen, then being prepared and knowing what to do can mean the difference between protecting your rights and flushing them away. I therefore urge you to drive defensively at all times, but to study this guide thoroughly just in case you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to be completely sure of your facts. If you’re lucky, you may never need it, but if not then at least you will be armed with the tools to make an educated assessment of your situation.

Howard Dembovsky, National Chairman – www.jp-sa.org

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