Dealer Event Proposal – Hijacking Awareness

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Stan Bezuidenhout is a long-time Forensic Specialist, former Specialist Police Reservist and worked in Military Intelligence in the South African Navy.

With more than 25 years experience in various Martial Arts and with many years experience in courts, Stan has been featured on several television and radio shows, discussing personal and corporate tactical safety. Stan has presented to Police-, Traffic-, METRO Police- and National Corporations on the issue of Tactical Safety.

While in the South African Police, as a Specialist Reservist Class C, Stan played a direct role in multiple intelligence-driven operations, covert surveillance and high risk warrant executions.

With experience working in the Middle East, the USA and Canada, Stan reached national notoriety as a Forensic Collision Homicide Reconstruction Expert and has testified in courts all over South Africa and in the SADC region, at all levels.

Stan is available to schedule a live session on


All you have to do, basically, is provide the location.

This is what we want to do:

Invite up to 45 (maximum) potential buyers to your dealership.

Do a presentation on Hijacking Awareness.

Use your star vehicle as the focus of the event.

Share the details of each attending person with you, for follow-up.

Take only two hours of your time, on a scheduled Saturday.

Allow you to invite your star clients to attend.

Share our fees with you.

All we ask is that you do the following:

Schedule a date (Saturday), giving us at least 21 days for advertising.

Decide on some prizes to include in the event (merchandise, driving experience, etc) for as many “lucky winners” as you prefer.

Provide us with space in your showroom, with 45 chairs in a half-circle around the vehicle of your choice.

Provide guests with some finger snacks, drinks, etc.

Have your staff available to sell cars after we are done.

In order for us to make this a success together, we intend to:

Charge attendees R 1,250.00 per seat (to attract premium delegates only).

Invite you to invite your star clients as well.

Allow no more than 45 people to attend an event.

Handle advertising and registration of attendees.

Provide you with the full contact details and recorded demographic of attendees.

Pay you R250.00 per registered attendee to ensure that you benefit directly.

If you are interested in having Stan present at your dealership, please fill in the form below to allow us to make arrangements.

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