If you are here, you have followed the instructions in our Agency Document in detail.

Thank you.

This also means that you are capable of following instructions and that you are committed.

Please fill in the form at the end of this page to register your commitment to attending the Agency Briefing.

The briefing will be held at our offices in Broadacres.

The briefing will start at 09h00 and end before 16h00 on Monday 23 April 2018.

(If you fly in, Lanseria is the closest airport)

The briefing will include a half day of explanation of what the Agency is, how it will work, what will be expected from you, etc. After this, questions will be answered and finally contracts will be signed. After contracts are signed, you will be required to make payment (in whatever category you are committed). Once this is done, you will need to attend an Agency Training Session.

For registered Agency owners, training will also be provided at our offices in Broadacres.

The training will be offered from Monday 14 May through Friday 18 May 2018 (9AM to 4PM every day).

(If you fly in, Lanseria is the closest airport), but we recommend that you drive to Johannesburg to attend, to allow you to return with all your equipment and to have signage applied to your vehicle/s. This is essential and cannot be missed. At this session, you will receive all your equipment and training. There will be additional training and support after this but most will be on-line, virtual or live to save you having to travel all the time.

Please note that you will only be entertained as a possible agent if you attend this meeting. We are looking for dedicated people who will do whatever it takes to become agents and achieve success. The interest has been enormous and we are effectively trying to eliminate as many “time wasters” as possible. By making these agencies available, we are putting our credibility at risk – we prefer to limit that risk as far as possible. If you are totally unable to take leave or make an appearance, we expect a written motivation from you for why you cannot attend and for why we should make special arrangements for you or to accommodate you.

Make sure that you have purchased our e-Book and read it before attending our briefing in April and that you have attended our 12-module bundle training and completed all modules, before attending our training in May.

If you have purchases or completed the training in the past, there is no need to do so again.  Also, don’t worry about the expense – if you buy an Agency, the cost of both the eBook and the Training will be credited towards your agency fee.

If applicable, please tell us why you cannot attend and why you should not be disqualified. Kindly note that there is no guaranteed that this motivation will be sufficient - especially if the area you are interested in, is sold to another party.