Every year, there are around 1-million crashes in South Africa alone. You could easily fall victim to these horrible statistics.

This book was written with a view towards ensuring that you have some information about the circumstances under which your insurance claim could get repudiated – even when you believe you are not in the wrong.

Designed to ensure that you have a working understanding about the kinds of “honest mistakes” you might be guilty of right now, and how to avoid them in future, this is a quick-reference guide that will place you in a better position to avoid insurance repudiations.

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After attending, investigating, reconstructing and testifying on thousands of cases since 2000, we’ve seen it all, heard it all and experienced it all.

Here’s what some of our colleagues have to say about us:

I have known Stan Bezuidenhout as a professional colleague since 2008, when we were both presenters at a National Transportation Safety Conference in South Africa. Since that time we have consulted with one another many times on a professional basis.

Stan is among the leaders in the forensic investigation of transportation incidents in southern Africa. He always maintains a good working knowledge and competence of the most modern technology available in the field of forensic accident reconstruction. I have seen him teach and I have seen him present technical concepts and methodologies to other professionals. Stan’s technical knowledge and skill is outstanding. But even more importantly, he is an outstanding communicator. He has the unique ability to take complex calculations and analyses and explain them in a way that can be understood by the deciders of fact in a court of law, even though those individuals may not have technical training or education.

I consider Stan Bezuidenhout a colleague and friend. I will continue to consult with him in hopes of exchanging knowledge and understanding between the two of us.

Jeffrey D. Armstrong
Professional Engineer

I’ve met Stan many years ago in Canada, while my career and professional experience was spreading out of Italy to a next step level. 
When I’ve met Stan, I have quickly discovered that this enthusiastic and friendly person he was already a “next step level ” qualified and passionate forensic accident investigation expert.
Since that time we are still in touch like we just met last time yesterday.

I’m looking forward to having the chance to organize with him a training program, until that time..what I can say…if you need a first-hand answer from a qualified and updated expert, Stan will be there to help you.

Ivan Macella (BEng, ACTAR)

With this in mind, you will be assured that you are in good hands, if we attend to your matter.

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