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This eBook, called “The Seven Deadly Sins you are guilty of while driving, That Can Get You Arrested,” is designed to guide you to reflect on your driving habits immediately and to improve them to prevent having to wish you did so, later.

Everyone who has ever spent some time in a motor vehicle, negotiating traffic, will surely know that there are very many “idiots” on the road, every day. We have all felt the urge to “do something about them,” but we don’t, because we know the law simply does not allow it. But what else does the law not allow? What else do you need to consider, when driving your vehicle? How do you ensure that you are not unintentionally caught unawares – on the wrong side of the law?

This eBook is based on the many years’ experience Stan Bezuidenhout has. Based on his background and experience in Military Intelligence, Law Enforcement, Forensic Investigation, Legal Certifications and Court Room Exposure, Stan is willing to share his knowledge exclusively with you, through this eBook.

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