Collisions can be caused by a variety of factors, but road design and/or road traffic risks might increase the loss risk substantially.

It is our honest belief and experience that every single heavy commercial fleet operator, from the small business to the multi-national would do almost anything to prevent collisions from happening. The losses suffered as the result of a road traffic collision – ranging from equipment damage to stock loss, third party liability and even criminal charges – can be devastating. But no one can plan for the un-expected.

As a specialist forensic collision homicide investigation and reconstruction entity, IBF Investigations is in the fortunate (albeit morbid) position to see the causes of collisions first-hand almost daily. With our at-scene experience at thousands of scenes, we are able to provide guidance on a very wide array of possible risks associated with any particular route or road.

To this aim, we offer a Route Risk Assessment (RRA) service that involves driving the actual routes that are under consideration for future contracts, or those already used as part of our clients’ daily operation. We typically compile a complete GPS-linked Video Recording of the whole route in real-time.

From our physical examination of the route, our experience with non-mechanical and non-driver related collision causes, our understanding of law enforcement and vehicle dynamics factors, we are then able to assign a risk prediction profile for driver pre-trip briefing purposes.

The report does not only include the potential risks observed on the route/s, but also a per-location risk outline and mitigation description that will enable the fleet owner and the driver to plan to eliminate or mitigate those risks. The fleet owner will be in a position to consider alternatives (if routes are too risky), to approve a route for future use, to make predictions regarding route risk profiles and to train drivers in preparation for those risks.

If the client prefers, we can complete both day- and night RRA’s and we are also in a position to produce a videographic route risk assessment (driver briefing) report, that will not only show the driver what to be careful of, but also shows a video, with narration, explaining the risks and the mitigation strategies to employ at those locations.

We have found in the past that our clients are often forced to produce their own internal RRA reports, in an effort to reduce or manage risk – but with their limited experience relative to our own, our reports place them in a position to benefit directly from out expertise.

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