14-18 MAY 2018


If you are seriously considering this training, you would probably have been on other training courses or workshops. While it is true that crash investigation is a serious topic, we wanted to ensure that the week is not spent in boredom.

By partnering with the Lion & Safari Park, we wanted to combine a true African experience with a truly South African Crash Investigation Model, to ensure that you are constantly simulated in a relaxing environment.

From Safari Lunches to Game Drives, breakfast and dinner experiences at fine African Restaurants, animal interactions, a river-side barbecue (braai) and an atmosphere that is totally relaxing and refreshing, we wanted to include everything in this offer.

Come, stay, relax, eat, interact, experience, enjoy wild life at a premium South African Lion Park while learning, growing and expanding your knowledge under the leadership of one of Africa’s top and most sought-after crash investigation specialists. This is a week you are highly unlikely to ever forget!

This training includes everything you could wish for, to ensure that you have nothing to worry about. Just arrive. Everything is included, from your accommodation trough stationery, tools and equipment needed for training, daily breakfast, tea, lunch and two dinners as well as a Safari Drive and River Barbecue (braai) experience on the last day. You will be our guest.


We do not believe in “CV builders” for operational law enforcers.

When it comes to Crash Investigation, there are two types of courses offered: Those that are “accredited” and that are based on US- or other pre-existing courses and those that are designed – from the ground up, for practical applications in crime investigation, in South Africa.

We provide practical training, for operational officers, based on South African conditions.

Every officer that leaves our course, has practical skills. We prefer to teach, based on actual real-world cases, real-world examples and real-world problems and challenges. We prefer to ensure that every attending officer gets nothing but the best exposure to every aspect of crash scene investigation.

How much can you learn in one week?

We have found that one week is adequate for the purpose of laying a solid foundation, while limiting costs. Exemplary attendees can be identified for further training.


  • Choosing the Right Equipment
  • Legal Considerations and Evidence
  • Identifying and Managing Evidence
  • Crime Scene Management
  • Photography of Scenes and Vehicles
  • Measuring of Collision Scenes
  • Examination of Vehicles and Scenes
  • Speed and Movement Determinations
  • Court Testimony and Trial Process

Choosing the right Equipment

Crime Scene Management

Examination of Vehicles and Scenes

Legal Considerations and Evidence

Photography of Scenes and Vehicles

Speed and Movement Determinations

Identifying and Managing Evidence

Measuring of Collision Scenes

Court Testimony and Trial Process

Situated just 15min from Lanseria, The Lion &Safari Park, an established tourist destination, well -loved by locals and foreigners alike, became a popular experience for all, over the last 50 years.

Having moved to the Cradle of Humankind in July 2016, this new must-see world class facility, called Lion and Safari Park, offers guests a memorable experience. This is not just a “game farm” at all. This is a must-see!

The new park offers a wealth of exciting activities such as animal interactions, guided game drives and self-drives.

You are guaranteed to get super-close to some of Africa’s favourite animals whether you go on an informative guided tour or self-drive.

Guests also have the opportunity to engage in the experience of hand feeding a selection of animals including giraffes, ostriches and various other antelope species that roam freely on the 600-hectare property and frequently visit the wetlands in front of ‘The Wetlands’ Bar and Restaurant.


Day 1
We commence at 10 AM to allow everyone to arrive, settle and register. Almost every course we present starts in the same way:- we establish the level of education already held by the group before us. We consistently find that even seasoned officers lack in the field of practical crash investigation, fully grasping the legal concepts of their work and lacks resources.

The first day is spent explaining why investigations are so important, what they are expected to do and how their task features in the legal arena. They need to know why they do what they do and internalise it.

Day 2
There is no point becoming a “crash investigator” if you do not fully understand the processes and dynamics of taking a call, responding to the scene, identifying evidence, planning an investigation and interacting with other services. This day is dedicated to laying the foundation for the practical work to follow.

Day 2 includes a true African Buffet Dinner Experience at the Bull & Buck Grill.

Day 3
This is where the rubber starts to meet the road. On this day attendees start learning about the interviewing of subjects, the detection of deception, the exploitation of unresolved memories, the solicitation of micro facts and the preparation of detailed and objective statements.

The attendees also role-play extensively to ensure that the information gathered from people is properly covered, detailed, accurate and objective.

For lunch, there will be a Mini Game Drive and an opportunity to see the lions and wild dogs being fed in their respective camps.

Day 4
On this day, candidates are taken out to practically examine vehicles, to photograph crash scenes and vehicles, to measure and to compile proper drawings – even with limited tools.

We are currently developing disposable tools that will enable officers to draw crash scenes in minutes, to do so accurately and to scale and to be able to draw almost any scene without the need for advanced or specialised tools, equipment or training.

Day 4 includes another true African Buffet Dinner Experience at the Bull & Buck Grill.

Day 5
This day is dedicated to the discussion of specific concerns, challenges and issues the attendees might have encounter or expect to encounter. It is also the day on which the attendees are tested and certificates issued.

All certificates are printed in advance but issued only to those who pass, to ensure minimum delay.

The day closes with a riverside lunch barbecue (braai) in the animal reserve, where we you can unwind, relax and enjoy a true African conclusion to your training experience!

Legal Skillset

Candidates will develop a legal skillset that will better prepare them for the completion of proper Forensic Investigations.

Operational Understanding
Having theoretical skills is simply not enough. Our candidates will better administer their operational duties.

Practical Skills
With a manual in hand and a reference card for at-scene use, our Candidates will be ready to work in the field, immediately.

Enhanced Abilities
Since we cover speed determination through reference charts and tools, our candidates go above and beyond.


We would like to extend a personal invitation for you to join us on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to not only learn but also to experience Africa in its true splendour.

The complete course, including everything from accommodation, most meals, experiences, animal interactions, safari drives and information, training and knowledge that will assist you in both your personal and professional endeavours in future.

The course cost will be:

R 20,000.00 per Candidate (early bird fee, until 30 March 2018).

R 25,000.00 per Candidate (regular rate, until 29 April 2018).

R 27,500.00 per Candidate (late registration rate, from 1 May 2018).

To enrol directly, visit our shop and select the Practical Training product – we will contact you with all additional details required.

This course is developed, curriculated and assessed by IBF Investigations (Pty) Ltd. This course carries no external accreditation and it has no link to any other academic institute. It is a course that is intended to provide a learner with knowledge and skills.

A learner is welcome to make reference to his or her successful completion of the provider programme course on his or her CV. Most employers would be happy to see that current or potential employees show interest in improving their skills and knowledge.

According to the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA), non credit-bearing programmes (such as Skills Academy’s provider programmes) can help learners in the following ways:

  • They can provide practical or hands-on learning.
  • They can increase employability, self-employment opportunities, and mobility within workplaces and sectors.
  • They can provide occupationally-directed learning.
  • They can contribute towards closing the skills gap as identified in the Workplace Skills Plan, the Sector Skills Plan, and the National Skills Plan.

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