Programs like CSI and Medical Detectives have created great interest in the field of Forensics.

When we entered the field of Accident Investigation and Reconstruction, we quickly found that training was limited or available only to the elite – like police units and existing experts. What we contribute to road traffic collision investigation today is a set of skills and expertise compiled from attending short courses, observing some of the best units and organizations in the world, from interacting with leaders in our field, self-study from hundreds of publications and books from the
USA and Canada and internal development and innovation.

We have been forced to teach ourselves most of what we know today.

This ability – the ability to self-develop, self-educate and apply that knowledge, is unique and not many people are able to achieve success in this way. This is what sets IBF Investigations apart in our industry: We are largely self-made and self-educated. As true as this may be, we have identified the need for real-world training, sensed a need for practical education and realized that simply too few people in South Africa has any idea of how to investigate road traffic collisions properly and effectively.

We found that even police units followed outdated protocols and processes (if at all) – even now. Therefore, since 2004, IBF Investigations started to share the skills and knowledge we built up at-scene and in practice; first through government-endorsed at-scene education projects, like Project ACCIDENT, then through government-supported specific training sessions like those hosted by the RTMC and finally by starting to teach our own short course directly to clients: Introduction to Forensic Awareness.

While many have asked when or whether we will be offering longer-term courses, more specialized courses and/or “reconstruction” courses, we realized that the costs we would need to charge in order to make these viable would be potentially inhibitive in the South African Market. As a result of this, we continued to offer courses mostly to our own clients.

In 2010, we decided that the time has arrived for us to develop a more detailed training course – one that will enable attendees to manage and investigate a complete crime-scene on their own, to great effect. In order to achieve this, we developed an internal investigation protocol. This was dubbed the IBF Protocol, and now includes a 124-step investigative procedure that will enable almost
anyone to complete a professional at-scene collision investigation of a quality unequaled by some of the best anywhere in the world.

Since this, we have found that the demand for our training has increased phenomenally. Having trained literally hundreds of people all over South Africa and into the rest of Africa and the Middle East, we were in a very good position to test typical training models and methods – and we are poised to innovate yet again.


Attending a training course in person has its definite benefits, but the challenges are numerous and the costs are prohibitive. Talking just about value alone, a one-week training course could include a number of “hidden costs” that give you no actual education value. For anyone who travels to attend a course, these include:

– Cost of travel (often flights or long road trips, fuel, Toll Fees, etc).
– Cost of Accommodation (this is a very large component).
– Cost of Meals, Travel to the venue daily, rental cars, etc. (just to be at class every day).
– Cost of the facility (venues are typically also expensive).
– Cost of the instructors expenses (until these are covered, courses are typically not profitable).
– Cost of production loss (while you are away, no one is doing your job).

As you can see, attending a course will invariably include costs that are not directly associated tot he learning experience at all. While always necessary and an aspect of education that you will always be exposed to, we believe that on-line training offers enormous benefits.

The benefits of attending an on-line course include:

– No need to travel, no cost of travel.
– No need to take time off, take leave or leave your office.
– No need to pay for anything but knowledge.
– Study any time, night or day, anywhere an internet connection is available to you.
– Watch the same lectures multiple times, pause, resume and stop at your own pace.
– Receive study noted directly, immediately and on-line, without any wait or postage delays.
– Try the test as many times as you like, until you pass (no classroom pressure).
– Review any of the material at any time – for up to a year after you enroll.
– Ask questions of the instructor, via an online portal.
– Join virtual classrooms and interact with other students attending the same course.
– Receive your Certificate immediately upon completion without any wait or delays.
– Study in privacy, at your own pace, on your own terms and wherever you choose.
– Attend one of several courses simultaneously and get more certifications.

There are many more benefits. Feel free to visit this page regularly to confirm launch date of our on-line college, when new courses are released or when FREE tips, tricks and suggestions are added.

We look forward to our on-line college opening in the very near future!

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