You never know when a collision is going to happen and you never know when you could face criminal prosecution.

Since 2007 the National Department of Transport’s Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) has been working diligently to change the terrible road fatality figure in our country through a variety of
programs. One program involved the appointment of government-endorsed special forensic investigation teams.

As former RTMC contractors, IBF Investigations used to be one of those teams. As a specialist forensic investigation unit for the RTMC, it used to be our mandate to complete a detailed forensic analysis of the collision, considering an array of different factors, including (but possibly not limited to):

Engineering (Road Design) Factors
Mechanical (Vehicle) Factors
Human (Driver Dynamics) Factors
Environmental (weather/traffic) Factors
Law Enforcement Factors
Anomalous Factors

Although the special investigation was mandated by the RTMC and although they pay their contractors very handsomely for this work, the reports were not only of value to the RTMC, but were also sent to the police. It was during 2007, at the first international conference on road traffic accident investigation, hosted by the RTMC, where the minister of transport made it very clear:

The boundaries between employers and drivers will be fading and everything will be done to ensure that companies are also held liable for accidents – especially owners who “leave the driver to carry the burden of liability on their own.”

This commitment was made very clear when SA Roadlink experienced an unfortunate array of collisions and felt the brunt of the government’s commitment to this threat: Their buses were targeted, their drivers arrested and their vehicles discontinued almost daily. SA Roadlink had a target on its back, and this was no secret.

This trend repeated itself after the very well publicised “Pinetown Crash” when Sagekal was equally targeted. Even today (in 2016), after the driver – Sanele May – was found guilty in a criminal trial, the campaign continued against the owner, who still faces several other charges – not related to the collision itself.

For weeks, in both cases, the media had a field-day with these incidents and SA Roadlink and Sagekal surely felt the burn.

By letting IBF Investigations complete Technical Fleet Audits on your fleet on a regular basis, we will be in a position to identify all the factors that could expose you to both civil and criminal risk, in the event of a road traffic collision.

By being made aware of all those little problems with your fleet that can go unnoticed until a specialist government contractors makes it their business to find guilt with management, you can be prepared to
defend yourself, if this ever happens.

Know your fleet. Intimately!

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