We  pride  ourselves  on  our professional  affiliations  to  a number  of  local  and  international bodies and groups.

No man is an island unto himself. This is a saying that we take to heart and one that we prefer to live by. Whether IBF Investigations testifies in court, presents at a conference, presents South Africa abroad, interacts with clients of government, we prefer to do so with integrity and honor.

One way in which integrity can be established is through professional affiliation. To this end, we constantly seek affiliation with a variety of international as well as local bodies, associations and groups – all in an effort to ensure that our own credibility is sustainable and referable.

We are therefore proudly affiliated to Justice Project South Africa, where Stan Bezuidenhout held an executive position. JPSA  is a registered not-for-profit organization committed to the identification, detection, opposition, abolition and prosecution of all corrupt practices – especially those relating to the issuing and prosecution of illegal road traffic fines, and related matters.

More information, further details and contact information for JPSA appears on its web-site at and

IBF Investigations also actively supports and endorses the activities and efforts of the Arrive Alive campaign as represented at the web-site and we constantly product content for the education of the public and visitors to the site.

Over the years IBF Investigations have committed a lot of effort and time, presented numerous papers and compiled a number of “self-help” articles for publication on this site. We also contribute to its road safety blog as Expert Members and have provided feedback to questions from communities.

Over the years IBF Investigations have committed a lot of efforts and time, presented numerous papers and attended a number of meetings as affiliate members of the Institute of Road Transport Engineers (IRTE) in the Western Cape. While that chapter has disbanded as it faced challenges with membership and the addition of “new blood,” IBF will continue its efforts in support of the IRTE in Gauteng.

Stan is also a member of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) under member number 6146889846. Described as the ultimate knowledge source for mobility engineering, this places Stan in a position to access hundreds of automotive papers, ranging from Crash Reconstruction through Motor Vehicle Systems and even Motor Vehicle Design and Component Failure topics.

Finally, as former Specialist Reservists (Class C and B) in the South African Police Force, Stan and Jackie are committed to road safety in South Africa. As former members of the SAPS, Stan and Jackie were in a position to inject knowledge and expertise into the service – now the force – and to ensure that they contributed some amount of effort towards communities.